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From Planning To Playing: Best Walt Disney World Apps

In today’s world, our phones are more important accessories than ever before, so that means there’s an app for everything, including your Disney trip.

As technology evolves, our smartphones have become more important in our lives than ever. We carry them with us anywhere mostly because it’s now a necessity, but also because it can be our one source of entertainment when we’re bored. In this world where there’s an app for everything, Disney is no exception.

There are more Disney apps out there than you can count, but the four being highlighted here are four apps that I personally use on every trip.

Countdown For Disney – Free (Apple and Android compatible)

This is an unofficial app, but it’s one of my favorites. While there are many countdown apps available for download, this one is particularly great because it’s made to countdown to Disney trips. Simply enter the start date of your vacation, and the app will automatically generate a countdown for you! The countdown is placed on top of a Disney Parks image, which you can go in and choose. The app comes with a few photos already loaded in, but you also have the option to add your own. It also features a news feed function where you can check the latest news in the Disney Parks. For iPhone users, the app does have a widget that you can enable on the widgets screen so that you can view the countdown without opening the app.

For an extra $0.99, you can remove ads off of the countdown along with unlock other features such as further countdown customization, Tips for your visit, and notifications.

My Disney Experience – Free (Apple and Android compatible)

If you’ve been on this website long enough, you’ll know that this app seems to make it into almost every blog post. I cannot stress enough how important this app is for your trip! This app functions as a map, a tool for checking wait times, a tool for booking dining reservations, a tool for booking fast passes, and much more. Think of it as a Universal Remote Control for Disney. Not to mention, while there are other apps for wait times, once you’re connected to Disney WiFi, this app is going to be your most accurate source. If you’re going to Walt Disney World, you need this app!

Heads Up: Disney Parks Deck – $0.99 (Apple and Android compatible)

You probably know Heads Up, it’s the guessing game that took the world by storm. So you probably also know that this isn’t a Disney game, and that’s true. However, it became commonly associated with Disney after guests started using it as a go-to game for long lines. In response to this, Disney created the Disney Parks deck. Outside of the parks, this is one of the paid decks in the game, but what many don’t know is that once you have location services on for Heads Up and you open the game while on Disney property, you will unlock the Disney Parks deck for free! The Disney Parks deck is a highly entertaining mix of characters, movies, lands, and attractions that will surely keep you busy for a while.

(And for the Star Wars fans in your group, Heads Up also offers a Star Wars Deck. It’s not free, like the Disney deck, but all proceeds go towards Force For Change, the official Star Wars charity fund.)

Play Disney Parks- Free (Apple and Android compatible)

The newest Disney Parks app, Play Disney Parks is what can only be described as an innovation in in-line entertainment. The Play Disney Parks app is filled with entertaining features like mini-games, trivia, music, plus achievements that you can collect for riding each ride! Trivia can be accessed anywhere, even outside of the park. It can be a little tricky but it’s a fun way to learn new things about the park you’re in.If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you’ll appreciate the music features. If you enjoy the playlist that you’re listening to, you can add it straight into your library. Finally, the mini-games are particularly special because they’re ride specific. For now, there’s not too many of these, but the ones that are in place can entertain multiple players at a time and can sometimes interact with your surroundings…

Speaking of apps, are you following us on Instagram? Keep an eye out, because during the month of August we’ll be bringing you live coverage from the parks on our Instagram story, along with live streaming a few shows and experiences!

Thanks for reading! Today’s further reading is MyMagic+ 101: A Useful Tool For Your Next Trip, where you can learn a little bit more about the My Disney Experience App, along with some more details on its functions.

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Everyone's Guide To Disney is an advice and planning blog for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Jada, who has been visiting Disney for now 12 years (and counting) writes from her personal experience, and hopes to help others have the best Disney trip they possibly could.

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